Application Process

Steps of the Application Process


Step 1


Please check that your program complies with the program criteria >



Step 2

Deadline for Applications

Deadline for 1st round of applications is June 30, 2023


Step 3


Submit your completed application form by June 30, 2023


Each submitted application form should include:


  • Applicant information: name of organization, primary contact information, agreement to program criteria
  • Project objective/summary: brief description of your innovative approach in precision oncology (limited to 400 words)
  • Resources/expertise: brief description of what background knowledge, experience, and collaborations are available to ensure the project’s success
  • Total award amount requested: preselected grant amount of $50,000 USD


Step 4


All applications will be reviewed by an independent review panel that will score applications according to the award criteria. Six applicants will be invited to move forward in the application process and submit a full proposal.


Step 5


If you are invited by the review panel to move forward, you will be notified by email to submit a full proposal


  • Reviewers may provide feedback to help you clarify or expand upon your initial application
  • For more information on the full proposal, please see the “Finalists: Full Proposal” section below

All applicants, whether successful or not, will be notified by email once the Review Panel has made their decision.

General notes:

  • Avoid submitting any confidential information
  • English is preferred for applications, but local language submissions will be accepted

Deadline for Applications

Submissions must be received no later than 12:00 AM EDT on June 10, 2022

    • Draw on existing knowledge and best practices to create a new program or an expansion of an existing program
    • Have clear timelines that show how the project can be completed within 18 months or how the duration of the grant enables the grantee to secure funding from one or more additional sources to sustain the program
    • Outline clear, measurable goals
    • If applicable, include metrics to track the impact of the program on the number or percentage of patients whose tumors are tested


    NOTE: increasing knowledge of biomarker testing is not in itself a sufficient deliverable, unless the grant recipient can demonstrate that such knowledge has impacted healthcare behavior or healthcare decisions

      The Review Panel will consider applications based on the following criteria:

      CLARITY Goals and methods of the project are clear and feasible, given funding and timelines
      IMPACT Project is designed to address a clearly defined unmet need, challenge, or barrier faced by patients and/or caregivers
      INEQUALITY Project recognizes and attempts to target disparities in cancer care
      INNOVATION Project demonstrates an innovative and thoughtful approach, building on best practices
      COLLABORATION Project helps to build collaboration and/or integrates learning and insight from key stakeholders
      PATIENT COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Patients and/or care partners provide input toward the design, running, or evaluation of the project
      EVALUATION Project team has a clear plan for evaluating the program and measuring its impact
      SUSTAINABILITY A rational plan is in place to continue to build on the work conducted in this proposal


        If you are invited to submit a full proposal, you will be emailed an additional form to fill out. Completed proposals should contain no more than 2500 words. You can choose to reduce the word count to 1500 if you prefer to provide up to 2 figures, eg, a graphical abstract. Proposals should include:


        • Project team: Description of who will carry out the project, including partners and vendors, and expertise that demonstrates their ability to achieve success
        • Project description: Detailed description of the project, including need for this work, target audience, specific interventions and/or activities, and desired outcomes
        • Timeline and benchmarks: Proposed start date and overview of dates for key milestones including, if applicable, project end date
        • Metrics for success: Specific, tangible deliverables for the project, including how those metrics will be captured and reported
        • Budget: Details on program costs and how the project will be appropriately resourced. Please specify if you are pursuing other sources of funding and include your annual turnover

          Eligible applications are reviewed by the independent, non-Bayer review panel composed of leading experts from the clinical and patient advocacy community. Deliberations of the review panel are confidential.


          Mary Lou Smith, JD, MBA

          President and Co-Founder, Research Advocacy Network; patient survivor and co-chair of the ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group's Cancer Research Advocacy Committee


          Professor Scott Howard

          University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Chair, SIOP Essential Medicines Working Group; CEO, Resonance  (, Trustee, World Child Cancer USA

          Image of Dr Anne-Marie Baird

          Dr Benedikt Westphalen

          Head of Molecular Diagnostics and Therapy Program and the Molecular Tumour Board, Comprehensive Cancer Centre, University Munich, Germany

          Image of Dr Anne-Marie Baird

          Carl Queiros

          Carl Queiros is the Executive Director of CCI, and he is passionate about the cause of childhood cancer. He has over 25 years of experience in the non-profit sector, including his involvement in childhood cancer for over seven years.

          Image of Dr Anne-Marie Baird

          Dena Bouali

          Expert patient
          Member of KickCancer, an organization with a mission to cure every child’s cancer.

            Action Dates
            Applications open April 24, 2023
            Deadline for entries June 30, 2023
            Applications reviewed by review panel July 25, 2023
            Applicants chosen to submit a full proposal July 25, 2023
            Full Proposal submission deadline August 15, 2023
            Applicants notified of decision September 1, 2023